Love dessert? Love getting together with friends? Ready to experience amazing health and Radiant Living?  Or how about getting free desserts?

Then it’s time to host a dessert party!

Dessert parties are a fun way to gather with your friends and family to sample some wonderful, decadent desserts.  Additionally, you and your guests learn tips to experience better health, while having a laid-back, stress-free time of laughter and sharing!

Hosting a party is simple.  Invite your friends, select the desserts to sample, set the table and enjoy the fun! Parties usually last 90 minutes and include a wide selection of delicious desserts from Innocent Indulgence, as well as a nutritional talk by Alisha Chasey, certified nutrition specialist and registered dietitian.  Alisha will share some ways you and your guests can boost energy, look slimmer, feel better and live longer and stronger!  Current topics include but are not limited to:

  • Secrets of Radiant Living
  • Eating Your Way to Better Health
  • Satisfying Your Sweet Tooth

What’s More?! You get free dessert!

Host a dessert party and receive discounts and Innocent Indulgence rewards! It’s fun and simple!  Here’s how:  Just for hosting a party take 15% off at the party. Various door prizes will be given throughout the event to increase your chances of winning more! As the host, earn additional discounts on your next order and more free dessert, based on the total party sales!  The more sales generated, the greater your discount on your next Innocent Indulgence order and the more dessert you win!  It’s as easy as that!

Total Party Sales Host Discount on next order Innocent Indulgence Rewards
Host a party 15% at party Samples & door prizes
$200 10% $20
$300 15% $30
$400 20% $40
$500 25% $50

Contact us for more information and to schedule your party!

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